Why Joan Boyle Pilates?

Joan Boyle began practising Pilates in 2001
having previously taught Yoga. Joan is a highly qualified Pilates teacher & is certified (through Bodyfirm Progressive Pilates Studio) in each of the specialised areas of Pilates that she teaches.

Joan’s students both appreciate & enjoy her teaching methods. She is known for her sincere enthusiasm & works in tandem with her students to ensure they fully understand each exercise & its benefit. Her positive & helpful attitude stems from her passion for Pilates & its results.

Joan attends conferences annually in the United States to update her on the latest techniques & workshops. She has also taken classes in Australia & South Africa to explore ideas of what she would like to offer her many loyal clients.



“ I just love it. It’s beneficial for both my physical & mental health. It helps me become supple, agile, fit & improves my concentration. “

“ I had continuous back pain & have only had relief from it by attending these classes regularly as recommended to me by a physiotherapist. “

“ I take Pilates classes to tone up & improve flexibility & to feel better. It helps when playing golf or tennis. “

“ I was worried about exercising during my pregnancy & found Pilates to be extremely safe. I felt it prepared my body for my pregnancy & the labour. I felt much stronger & Joan’s calm, yet challenging classes, made my pregnancy really enjoyable. “










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Why Joan Boyle Pilates?


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